About Nevra

My blog is devoted to facilitating an open discussion on topics related to nutrition, cooking, holistic living, food/health politics and regulation and related issues. My passion for these topics drives me to research them quite extensively in my free time (when I’m not working, cooking or tending to my family).


Some would categorize my views as alternative. For instance, I believe that raw (unpasteurized) milk from healthy, pasture-raised animals is more nutritious and less risky than the supermarket variety. I disagree with most of the health recommendations that come out of U.S. government agencies. I think that Americans deserve the freedom to make their own decisions on if and when to vaccinate through full disclosure about the benefits and risks. And I believe that both the medical industry and the food industry in the U.S. sometimes mislead consumers in ways that have disastrous consequences on our health and well being.

The goal of my blog is:

  1. to share some of the surprising things that I’ve discovered in my own research,
  2. to  challenge conventional thinking by providing  a different perspective than what is typically offered in the mainstream media, and
  3. for us to help each other become better educated on these important topics so that we can feel empowered to make informed decisions ourselves, without having to rely solely on so-called “experts,” like doctors, government officials and professional researchers – all of whose “advice,” I believe, is often influenced by hidden agendas.

I am not a doctor, professional cook, nutritionist or epidemiologist, so none of my viewpoints should be misconstrued as advice because I’m not officially qualified to give such advice. I have, however, been cooking since I was a young girl. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Physics and have many years of professional experience in the areas of sales and marketing, analytics, logistics and supply chain management.

Why did I name my blog “ChurnYourOwn?” In part, because my friends often like to introduce me to other people as, “…my foodie friend who churns her own butter!” I think everyone should do this at least once. (Here’s how). Why? Because once you’ve proven to yourself that you can do something that 99.99% of the American population has never done before (not even professional cooks), you will begin to feel empowered and hopefully will start realizing that you can do a lot of things that you have been taught to rely on professionals to do for you, such as figuring out how best to strengthen, nourish and heal your body.

Here’s to happiness and good health!


Arlington, VA


4 comments on “About Nevra

  1. kelly walker says:

    Your blog is great! Kudos to you. I’m a holistic nutritionist who focuses on pre-conception/pre-natal clients. I was at the WAP Conference in Dallas and feel like we crossed paths. Good luck to you and thank you for the time and energy you place into your blog. I’ll be referencing it for sure.

    • Nevra says:

      Kelly, thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate it! I think you’re right, we must have crossed paths because at the last conference I was on a mission to learn as much as possible to help me prepare for the arrival of my child, so we must have spoken a bit about prenatal nutrition.

  2. Laura says:

    Hi Nevra, I just found your blog and love it. I wondered if you have ever heard of a non-toxic mattress company? I am in my first trimester and worried about buying a new mattress for myself with toxic chemicals in it. I can’t seem to find anything but the big name carriers and I know they are all toxic. Thanks! Laura

    • Nevra says:

      Hi Laura – I’m so glad you love the blog! That’s a very good question about non-toxic mattresses. I found this article that lists a few options. Most still have latex, but some don’t. Hopefully my other readers can weigh in with other ideas…

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